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design tool molds and engineer for injection material molding
Abery is a manufacturer and provide innovative solutions with the discipline of flawless execution and operational excellence. Differentiate ourselves through a high level of customer service. Also We provide professional mold analysis reports before mold making.
Name: design tool molds and engineer for injection material molding
Cavity: Multi cavity
Mold life:500,000 shots
Cavity/core steel: H13
Color: Green
Runner: Hot
Nozele: HASCO
Part surface: Mirror
Tolerance: ±0.05mm
Plastic material: PA
Plastic shrinkage: 1.005%
Inject material: Metal
Plastic weight: 34g
Product size:145 X 36 X 23mm
Mold weight: 450KGS
Mold size:355*324*320MM
Gate type: Sub gate
First sample lead time: Depend on the mold size
Injection machine:126T to 2300T
Packing: Export carton
Brand name: Abery
Business Type: Manufacture
Place of origin: Shenzhen, China
Quality system: ISO9001
Experience: More than 8 years export experience
Design software: NX_UG, Pro/E, AutoCAD etc
Quality system: ISO9001:2008
Plastic standard:CE,ROHS
Usage: Industrial plastic parts
5,Tooling process, equipment,material,team,company photos, certificate.
Q:How many square meter in workshop?
10,000 square meter.
Q:What about the cycle time of the mould?
The mould cycle time depend on the mold and plastic parts size.
Q: What does Aberymold do?
We make the die equipment, Single Cavity; Multi-Cavity, Structural Foam Molds, Stack Molds; Insert molds, Over molds; Hot Runners, We do the injection molding, 24/7 repair coverage on production molds .
Q: What drives Abery?
Abery will lead the way in developing innovative solutions that make our customers’ products lighter, safer and more functional.
Q:What`s your injection molds in your factory.
Automotive mold,printer mold,air conditioner mold,bump mold,electrical mold,treaded cap mold,connector mold,sprayer handle mold,drawer cover mold.
Q:What`s your main products ?
plastic injection mold and plastic parts,customized all kinds of plastic injection mold,plastic parts design.
Q:How to negotiate with the order?
Both negotiate with it according to 3D drawing and samples,confirming all details.engineering tools Mill
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