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Coffee pod holder
Clear Acrylic Freestanding Nespresso Capsule Storage Rack / Coffee Pod Holder Display Stand
● Exceptional design and modern style come together in this one-of-a-kind clear acrylic Nespresso capsule display stand and organizer.
● Cleverly designed one-piece construction, with 4 columns to smoothly slide your Nespresso coffee capsules in and out as needed.
● Features crystal clear acrylic that matches any decor, and free-standing design to beautifully complement any counter space.
Nespresso capsules not included
Product description
Beautifully display your Nespresso coffee capsules on this cleverly designed organizer and display stand. Thanks to a unique vertical one-piece design, this crystal clear acrylic display saves space and allows for up to 21 capsules to be stored without disrupting the flow of your kitchen. The clear acrylic structure is both durable and on-trend, and will complement any living space and any kitchen design. Don't miss this chance to bring organization and style to your daily coffee routine.
Holds up to 21 Nespresso capsulesCustomized Coffee Capsule Holder
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