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Shaanxi Criane Electronics Co., Ltd., was established in Dec 2003, which is engaged in development, production, sales, maintenance and service of communication test and maintenance affaires. The registered capital is 10 million Yuan. Criane is wholly owned and controlled by Guanggu Inc. which is processing to become a public company.   
Criane products include storage battery testing instruments, backup power testing instruments, centralized intelligent monitoring system, etc. All products have property right.
Criane has 2100 square meters of office space, has independent research and development center, has four production lines, has 126 units of advance production equipment.
Criane has certificated by ISO 9001-2000, certificated as high-tech enterprise by XIAN government department, certificated as “good faith enterprise” by China Power Supply Society.
Criane products have widely used in telecom operators, power plant system, communication network, coal oil, financial system, transportation system, public security system, mining industrial, etc.
Criane advocates professional choice, adhering “appropriate is the best” development philosophy, not only provide professional equipment and solution, but also provide perfect service of pre-sale, sale and after-sale. load bank wholesale
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