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The HENGYI forged Flat Chisel are manufactured from special forged alloy steel which are from big factory. The quality of HENGYI Demolition Tools is designed to achieve a proper balance between the hardening and the viscosity for optimization to reduce the possibility of tool breakage and is manufactured under strict quality control.
Product specification
DAENONG(DNB)DNB D30/ DNB D50/ DNB D60 IIS/ DNB D60/ DNB D90 IIS/D 70 IIS/ DNB D70/D90/ DNB D110 IIS/D 110/ DNB D 130 IIS/ DNB D 160 IIS/ DNB D 160/ DNB K 20 IIS/ DNB K 20 IIS/ DNB K
30 IIS/ DNB K 40 IIS/ DNB K 50 IIS/ DNB K 55 IIS

TORPEDOTP40/ TP55/ TP70/ TP100/ TP200/ TP250/ TP350/ TP400/ TP450/ TP500/ TP550/ TP600/
TP630/ TP650
KOMAC KB90/ KB100/ KB150/ KB200/ KB250/ KB300/ KB350/ KB400/ KB1000/ KB1500/ KB2000/ KB3600/
KB4200/ TOR22/TOR23/ TOR 36/ TOR 42
GB300E/ GB400E/ GB500E/ GB540E/ GB630E
The chisel can be used with electric hammer and it is widely applicable and high efficient chiseling hole, groove tool for concrete and brick wall.
a. Every alloy steel material will be tested, check them are all in good condition before machining.
b. Our hydraulic breaker chisel will be strictly inspected by professional quality staff before delivery.
c. Our company has strict quality management, make sure the breaker excellent performance and long serving life, to meet the customs requirements.
d. The company produces hammer chisels for many brands and models.
e. With the latest advanced heat treatment technologies and strict quality test.
If you're looking for forged Flat Chisel,  Hengyi must be your best choice. Welcome to buy the best Chisels with us. We will offer you good service and fast delivery.
Jiangyin Hengyi Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd
Mob: 86-15161619377
Tel: 86-510-86392508
Fax: 86-510-86392508
Add:No 19 Dongsheng Road,Chengdong Street,Jiangyin City,Jiangsu province,China
Email: Kristen-li@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.hengyichisel.comCustomized flat chisel tool
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