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Powder-free Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves
COMPANION Powder-free sterile Latex surgical gloves are a kind of highly cost-effective sterile latex surgical gloves in a variety array of thicknesses and are coated in a variety of colors.
Our diverse Powder-free latex surgical gloves portfolio allows you to choose the right glove for your unique needs, so that you can focus on your patients.
We all know that in surgical suites, the presence of glove powders could be a big  problem for the doctors and the patients. Such as wound infections, adhesions, granulomas, fibrosis and peritonitis are all problems that can be effectively coped with COMPANION Powder-free sterile Latex surgical gloves.

Features of the COMPANION Powder-free sterile Latex surgical gloves:
1) Powder-free
2) natural rubber latex
3) Proprietary hand mold with an independent thumb design, The gloves are shaped for each hand
4) Equipped with interlocking, the beaded cuff design
5) strength and durability
6) the ideal glove for all general surgical procedures
7) sterile
8) Non-Pyrogenic
COMPANION also offer designed thicker Powder-free latex surgical gloves to provide extra protection for the you. We are sterile latex surgical gloves manufactures, if you  are interested in our sterile latex gloves and want more information about our gloves, please do not hesitate to contact us.Surgical Gloves manufacturers
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