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it is weaved or twisted by high quality asbestos wire, then soaked in lubricant and covered by graphite.this product can stand high temperature and pressure, and it is suitable for revolving shaft, piston of reciprocating pump or valve shaft, usually it is used for the sealing of thermal air, boiled water, heavy oil and other medium.
Rotation axisReciprocating pumpValve
Operating temperature<650&#8451;
Pressure (MPA)2243.1
linear velocity (M/S)42--
PH value4-10
INCH ″1/83/161/45/163/87/161/25/83/47/81
KG / 3M0.0480.090.1770.260.3750.5010.6510.
TECHO is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various sealing products in China. We have skillful and experienced workers in our factory. Now take action to wholesale quality asbestos fiber packing with graphite made in China with us.Asbestos Fiber Packing
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