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Many changes happened in our world.  Lot of them happened in our education system. Online learning and smart class rooms are some among them. However mental pressure faced by students has not changed much.  Some factors that cause stress in students are follows:

1. Lot of works given in the form of assignments and home works

     Students are given with writing works which are very difficult to complete. Very short time period is given for essay submission.   This creates stress in them.

2. Tensions caused by obtaining poor grades

Due to heavy assignment, students get a very little time to spend for their studies. As a result they end up obtaining low marks.

3. Fear caused due to Bullying

Certain children face bullying from their classmates. They either use physical or mental means for this. It would develop a fear in attacked children.

4. Internet addiction

Students spend a long time in internet. Using internet for a long time will develop an addiction.  Several other physical and mental problems arise as a result of this. Eye problems and headaches are caused by long time usage of computers.

5. Pressure caused due to the scolding from parents

Parents punish and scold their children for getting low marks in exams. Children will feel insulted because of the scolding. This will result in losing their confidence in themselves.  They will feel lonely.

6. Comparing with their peers

Parents compare the abilities of children with their classmates. Children are taunted by parents by performing poorer than their friends. This make the children feel sad. Comparing children with others will develop hate in them towards their batch mates. For more details refer : Cheap Essay Writing Service

7. Competition mind

Students always want to do better than their friends. This thinking makes them consider other students as their enemies. They will end up using any means to defeat others.

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