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3) Throw: Add in a throw on your sofa. Throws come in different textures and designs; it is one way of updating your sofa without spending so much money. You can add a velvet red throw during the Christmas holidays to warm up your otherwise bland sofa. Bed Bath and Beyond stores sell these at $29.99 each. You can also layer different colored throws for a more dramatic look.

Eating too much spicy food at supper can lead to Sleep Problems. If the patients who suffer from heartburn eat spicy food at supper, it will make the disease much worse after they lie down, thus affecting their sleep. As a result, experts suggest people should not eat too much spicy food at supper.

Finding it difficult to fall asleep at night? Well, this could be one of signs. The other sign is you fall asleep but won't be able to sleep at a long stretch; you will keep getting up in intervals. Due to this your morning will be lethargic and fatigued.

When real estate agents are trying to sell a house, they use a strategy called "staging." Staging involves updating accessories like accent Pillows, replacing light switches, putting in new fixtures, installing fresh window treatments and adding tiny touches like scented candles or decorative accessories.

The night sleep of an adult has to last for at least 8 hours, but if you can afford to rest for 9 hours then this would be even better. You can also remove your alarm clock from your bed cabinet so that you do not see what the time is. This will help you relax more and fall asleep more quickly.

Often the problem of back ache arises due to sleeping on the wrong type of mattress. The mattress is not firm enough to provide adequate support to the back. Thus, one of the best Back pain remedies is to change the mattress to one that is firm enough to do the job well.

I was not impressed with the maid service at this hotel. I had 1/2 a bottle of lotion in my condiments (where was the other half or better yet, was that lotion in that bottle? Ew...). I had one quarter of a roll of toilet paper (and no spares left). I found black hairs amongst my sheets one evening (and I don't have black hair). My ice bucket was left full of water in my room and on my last morning there (when I had chosen to sleep in), the maid came loudly knocking on my door and announcing her presence. When I quickly scrambled, half naked, to cover myself and my startled voice rang out, she replied, "Sorry, I did not know if you had checked out yet". What? Check out time is 12 noon lady! And who the heck blows down the door of a guest room at 8:20am?
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