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A propos: - Fresh Products:
 .Garlic, Peeled Garlic, Garlic Paste, Ginger, Ginger Paste
 .Chestnut, Apple, Pomelo, Lemon
- Dehydrated Products:
 .Garlic Flake, Garlic Granulates, Garlic Powder
 .Onion Flake, Chopped Onion, Onion Powder
 .Ginger (whole), Ginger ground, ginger powder
- Fried Products:
 .Fried Garlic Flake, Fried Minced Garlic, Fried Garlic Crispy
 .Fried Onion
- Frozen Products:
 .IQF Diced Garlic, Frozen Garlic Puree, Frozen Peeled Garlic
 .IQF Peeled Ginger, Frozen Ginger Puree,
 .IQF Strawberry, IQF Asparagus,
 .IQF Cauliflower, IQF Broccoli, IQF Carrot
 .IQF Peas, IQF Soybean
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